A compact mix
of luxury
and elegance

A small size Invictus bearing with her the entire nature and the prestige of the brand. A jewel with comfort and high level accessories, dedicated to the ones wishing a boat with its own identity, offering safety and performance without missing luxury and elegance. Even on the FX 200, Invictus has generously given pride and attention for aesthetic and formal research, with great care to quality, both globally and in details, giving an added value to this model, in terms of equipment and comfort. The deep hull is made for speed and shows an incredible seaworthiness with full safety. The FX 200 steps forward in the Invictus world. Even is in its compact size, it contains what a boater with taste and watching design would desire, and what he would like to show with fine pleasure.

& Color

The color makes identity. The concept of luxury suggested by Invictus starts from the boat design and goes until the color, making true the most intimate thinking of the customer. It is for this reason that Invictus offers a wide selection of chromatic customizations of its models. Thanks to a wide color and tones choice every boat will be unique and precious.

Technical data

Length overall6.1 m
Maximun beam 2,4 m
Weight1070 kg
Capacity1080 kg
Person capacity8
Cruising speed 20 kn
Maximum speed36 kn
Hp max permitted150 cp
Fridge 42 l (optional)
Fuel capacity 200 l
Water capacity50 l
Building materialFiber glass
ShipyardCantieri Aschenez