Legend 165 Auto Camo


Available colors: Camo, Black, Coral Red, Pink, UV Green, Red, Blue or White.
Available accessories: Ham.
Product also available in manual version.
Buoyancy: 150N.
Suitable size for: 40-120Kg.

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Legend is a really new design compared to the traditional inflatable life jacket. fitting perfectly for both men and women. It has a car and manual inflation mechanism.

Some of the new features on the Legend are a large neck opening, flexible material and padded back.
An additional safety feature, which is now adapted to all Baltic inflatable life jackets is a cylinder retention device, this prevents the gas cylinder from working smoothly even in extreme conditions of vibration and temperature.
Detachable strap.

EC approval: Yes.
Payment is made at the NBR exchange rate on the day of payment +% 1.
The price does not include transport to the customer.
The price includes the transport of the product from Sweden.
Price without VAT% 19.